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MSD – A VVS 92


I have been waiting for this moment for quite a while. There were people crying for his blood. The so called Indian cricket experts wanted him to be stripped of his royal robe. Cricketers who were just average in their playing days voicing their opinion on Dhoni’s playing abilities just irks me. Just because you have the mike in hand doesn’t mean u have to blabber.

Have any of the greats from other nations voiced their opinion in the same way. It is because they know Dhoni’s value as a player or is there something happening behind the scenes which forces the Indian cricket experts to say so.

 I have been watching cricket since 1996 even before cricket became a religion. It was a defining year for Indian Cricket. It was only after 1996 cricket turned into a marketing phenomenon.

A lot has changed since then India has become cricket powerhouse. T-20 has turned into the most lucrative opportunity for cricketers who cannot make it to the big league. But one thing has remained a constant, the fragile nature of the fans. Just a couple of failures and people write him off. It didn’t surprise me when I heard similar voices when Dhoni failed.

I waited like an eager fan waiting to see the vintage MSD once more. There’s quite a distinct quality about Dhoni – He knows when to make a statement. He knows his stage. His 100th ODI in India and he made it his own with absolute gusto like a king who regains his throne. 92 precious runs with the team in trouble, 92 runs which showed why he’s still vital to India’s limited overs unit despite the emergence of the younger generation. A very very special 92.

The bowling effort too was top notch and Dhoni once again came into his own with 3 catches, a stumping and his trademark moments of brilliant captaincy. The fact that he did it without his two main spinners Ashwin and Mishra made it all the more special.

Age might be catching up with him but he is not finished yet. Dear cricket fans before you write off a player try to evaluate what the team’s position would be without him. Of course there will definitely be life after Dhoni but give him a chance to time his own swan song.  He deserves that for the way he’s served Indian Cricket.

Dhoni himself has said he will re-evaluate his position after 2016. I guess he’s eyeing another ICC trophy- The World T-20 to be held in India.  Going by his past record in ICC tournaments there’s a very good chance that Dhoni might hold the trophy again.

For now keep calm and cherish Dhoni the player and captain until he fades away from limelight and be a little more graceful in victory and defeat.








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  1. Well said. He is the best captain and team player, keeping the India’s/ team’s performance over anything else.

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