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Aachi Manorama – The synonym for longevity and perseverance. A journey that that spanned decades. A journey of how Gopishantha transformed to our beloved Aachi. From Malaiyita Mangai to Singam II it’s been a remarkable journey that saw her act with 5 Chief Ministers, numerous superstars in over 1000 films.

Very rarely has an actress played supporting roles with such ease and perfection, roles that overshadowed the leads. My favourite will always be Jil Jil Ramamani. Despite her enviable assortment this is one role which defined her. Trust me stealing the limelight from the Legend Shivaji Ganesan is no mean feat but she does with so much finesse. Her onscreen charm makes you oblivious to the fact that the movie is a very serious and endearing love story of two artists. No wonder Jil Jil Ramamani remains her most quoted role.

Her songs were a delight too with her own unique tone. My favorite Deliku Rajanalum Pati Solai Thatathe


She was an artist par excellence,an institution for female artists on how to transform and breathe life into a character. Is there a role which she hasn’t played the leading lady, the lovable sister, the dotting mother and the adorable grandmother she’s played it all giving us numerous characters to cherish for a lifetime. 

So many delightful characters comes to mind when remembering Aachi that I am not sure what to pick.  Describing her celluloid experience will take multiple posts and numerous pages. 

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For now I end with this short tribute. We won’t miss you Aachi for you have already given us so much to cherish. Thank you. The Gods need you too. Goodbye!





MSD – A VVS 92

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