Let me clear one thing before I begin. This is not a review. It’s just a glimpse into what wrong.  I enjoyed Kaththi. It was a wonderful lesson on how to package a mass hero. Murugadoss cleverly fits in all the elements that made him a star and creates a double who is daringly different from the Vijay’s usual image.  I felt the double role was unnecessary when the film released. Now I see it as a smart business move to cater to Vijay’s core audience.

Puli on the other hand is a mismash of epic proportions. A clash of ideologies unfolds on the big screen. I guess having a star to mount his fantasy made him forget his own USP.  The director seems unsure and that’s the biggest flaw of Puli.

When you want to present a unique film clarity of vision is of utmost importance. The success of Bahubali is a good example. Though there’s a wonderful star cast of Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishnan it’s Rajamoul’s vision that shines throughout the film.

Chimbu Devan assembles a Bahubali like star cast and messes it up. Neither of them of are given a scope to showcase their pluses.  Vijay’s screen presence, his humour and those graceful dance moves are all missing as he merely sleeps through a half baked script.  The whole cast is underutilized.  I am not sure whether they were instructed to act or stare with a wooden face. The leading ladies just dance around in skimpily clad clothes.

I would have forgiven all of this if the CG and the grandeur had been as good as the hype that preceded the film.  Chimbudevan’s lack of clarity leads to a bizarre fantasy world.  

When you want to project a mass hero make sure that the hero’s brand image is in alignment with your script otherwise the consequences would be a disaster of epic proportions and that’s exactly what happens with Puli.

Puli – A borrowed dream turns into a haunting nightmare