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Kavipriya Moorthy – A good friend and a wonderful organizer. I came across I DON’T WEAR A SUNCREEN during my first ever book reading session.  The title was intriguing but what drew me to the book was the author’s own back story. As she flipped through the pages of her own life to reveal the origin of I DON’T WEAR A SUNSCREEN I was hooked.  There was no turning back after that.

The plot – A coming of age story. On the surface it might seem like a conventional story line. But the author subtly breaks stereotypes with each and every character in the story.  Laksha is not your typical damsel in distress. There’s no prince charming either. As the story moves along you realize there’s no black or white. There are distinct shades of grey in everyone.

The biggest surprise though was the protagonist’s mother. She’s the hidden clue to the whole plot. A strong fierce woman with an identity of her own. She was lingering in my mind long after I finished the book.

The only negative was the rush towards the end. A few more pages would have made a lot of difference. At times you have space out the end in such a way that it leaves a permanent impression on the reader’s mind

A great first attempt.

Eagerly waiting for your next trip to OMR. Best wishes.