Ah ! It’s finally my turn to rave about the toast of the town.  Raja Mohan stuns us with a socially responsible film.  There are some hard questions which forces the viewers to re-think

 While movie itself is a celebration of intelligent film making there was one particular aspect which lingered on for a long time after watching the movie – SINGLE MINDED FOCUS.  Both the protagonist and the antagonist display a rare obsession towards their target which helps the viewers empathize with both the leads.

The hero’s victory is a given but we end up rooting for the antagonist. It’s a rarity on the silver screen. He’s cold hearted and doesn’t give a damn about his opponents. He’s the master of his own kingdom. Even when an able rival turns up he doesn’t fluster one bit. He’s always a step ahead until the hero regains his aura mid-way through this interesting tussle.

An upright cop does evoke a sense of deja vu but he teases us with some hard hitting questions. Is the public being mislead by an elite set of people with power and money? Has greed turned us into obsessive maniacs with self -centred intentions?

The romance too is brief filled with sweet moments which convey the hidden emotions. A tight script with an impressive cast gives the viewers a film to cherish.

Go for it – Worth every penny spent

My rating – 4/5

Cast : Jayam Ravi -Protagonist                 Thambi Ramaiah – The naive father 

Aravind Swamy – The Antagonist

Nayanthara – The female lead

Raja Mohan – Director