Sometimes we begin a journey not knowing our destination.  Along the way we encounter both roses and thorns. But we move forward with hope, with passion towards realizing our dreams. What if the whole journey turns out to be a nightmare? What if the passion that drives you becomes a dangerous obsession?

The plot – A writer and a police officer presented with a straight forward suicide case. Is it really suicide? You have to read the book to find out.

The pace of the book is an obvious plus. It’s barely 115 pages and a brisk read.  There are subtle hints which gain relevance towards the very end.  The bread crumbs serve their purpose. The author puts forth some very hard-hitting questions in the guise of a thriller.

It’s like wearing a mask. Peeling off the mask reveals an entirely different perspective. The success of any thriller depends on the author’s ability to outwit the readers and the book does that admirably well.

There are some glaring edit mistakes which have been rectified in the subsequent edition.  Another negative point was character development.  I felt a few more pages could have been devoted towards presenting the psychology of the characters as a justification of their actions. At times a simple character sketch can help elevate a plot.

But I choose to ignore the few negatives for the message the author wishes to convey.   I leave the readers with a question.  What is the extent to which you will go to get what you want? Will you give up everything you have to fulfill your dreams?

A compelling and thrilling read!

My rating – 4/5