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How do I define Acceptance? If you ask a school kid or teen acceptance begins when he/she excels among his peers. An adult in his late 20’s yearns for a secure job and a happy family to gain acceptance in this society.  Our perception of acceptance differs as we move forward in life.

I have a different viewpoint. Acceptance starts within. More often than not we fall prey to the society’s perception of Acceptance. We shape our life to suit the whims and fancies of the people around us. Is it really necessary?  I don’t think so. How about shaping our lives around our own strengths and weakness.  

Self – Acceptance is an important virtue which lies dormant within most of us. We all have our own flaws. We make mistakes and wrong choices. But that’s what makes us unique – Fragile vulnerable human beings.  Love yourself. Embrace your flaws. Be yourself.  Learn to forgive yourself for the wrong choices instead of fretting over lost opportunities. 

Tolerance towards your fellow beings can happen only when you are self – tolerant. Self Acceptance is often the key to inner peace. Live life on your own terms for you have only one chance to be somebody’s inspiration. 







  1. I absolutely agree – the inner piece is what makes the outer piece possible.

  2. That’s so true. When we learn to accept ourselves wholly, our life transforms

  3. You said it, Salesh! Self-acceptance alone can help us accept everything else as is.

  4. Oh my – your last line deserves to go VIRAL! #HUGSSSS

    Thank you for sharing your post in my Happiness Haven group. You are an epitome of strength, spirit and solicitude!

    As for self-acceptance, I often find it shameful to accept myself because of the ugliness in parts of my mind and my soul. But I also realize that self-acceptance paves the way for me to love others without judgment, without labels and without hesitation.

    You shine the way for all of us, Salesh! <3

    LOVE ya, buddy

  5. I guess we all learn this after a point. But many still feel they are inadequate and keep fretting about what others have achieved and try to compete by hook or crook. I feel, competing with ourselves, and bettering ourselves, is the best way to go forward in life.

    Destination Infinity

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