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This space was supposed to be filled with a review of her first book “YOU ME AND A SECRET”. Having read the book I can say without a shadow of doubt that she deserves all the accolades for a wonderful start as an author. But she deserves a pat on the back for something else.

I do not know her on a personal level. The only common connections between us are “NAMMA CHENNAI” and CBC until the issue happened. Her plot was plagiarized by a so called reputed author a shocking real life situation which would have pulled most of us down. But she stood for what is right. She chose to take a stand and that meant more to me than her 120 page debut.

 It took me back to my school days. I was denied a seat in a reputed school for the flimsiest of reasons – I was differently abled and don’t belong with the normal kids. Right from that point till today I have been fighting against the society’s ill conceived perceptions. The initial days were a little hard. I surrendered meekly to the whims and fancies of the so called society. Over the years I have managed to fight back and take a stand and it’s given me my space in this big bad world.

 Ganga’s stand against plagiarism gave me an important life lesson ” Never be afraid to stand up for what is right. It doesn’t matter how mighty your opponent is or how tough the battlefield is fight your battles the way you want to“. Thank you Ganga for re-affirming my faith in my own convictions. You are a rock star. Waiting for an impressive follow up.