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three years

What a journey it has been! There was no sense of direction or purpose when I first started blogging. It was a random start, an escape route to get away from the chaos that surrounded my life.  

My life has always been surrounded by people who constantly remind me of my uniqueness. Perhaps it was time to make a start. My English was always top notch right from the time I used to steal full marks for a single page essay. But there was a minor glitch – My right hand doesn’t co-operate. All I had was a single finger on my left hand to type. It was gonna to be painful but I was ready to give it a shot.


Blogging has in more ways than one helped me re-define myself. It has helped me be part of a dynamic team and given me access to wonderful souls who have stood by me through thick and thin. Three years ago I was an unknown. Now I have my own little space in this awesome world of writing.

The next time somebody laughs at your dreams. Just smile and work towards making the dream a reality.  Be happy that people ridicule you. It is a sign that you have grown beyond their rigid space. It’s time to soar and fly high.

A big fat thank you to all those who regularly sneak into my space to read my SCRIBBLINGS. I am nothing without your constant support. Together we can all make a difference.

Let the joy of Christmas fill your homes and bring you abundant happiness. Let the New Year heal the scars of the year gone by and bring in a new day. Wishing all my near and dear ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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  1. Dagny

    Congratulations Salesh! 250 posts in three years is a fabulous achievement. I have 330+ posts to show for 7years of pounding the keyboard with ten fingers.

    Writing and blogging have been a saviour to me too. Because of it, I have met, interacted and argued with some amazing people. I have my own ‘community’ of people who nurture, encourage and strengthen me. I am so grateful for this bounty.

    Wish you a joyous and contended Christmas. May the coming year bring you challenges to overcome and win through. And perhaps I will see you publish your 400th post next Christmas? I’ll try to reach 500 too. What say? Game? 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Salesh, my buddy. So proud of you da. Blogging surely opens up many possibilities and you start seeing things in a new light. Continue to spread the magic through your words. You rock!

  3. Dear Salesh,

    May you be blessed with wonderful thoughts and ideas for interesting posts.

    Keep smiling and keep blogging.

    You truly inspire your readers.

    All the very best and wishing you 500 posts by the same time next year 🙂


  4. Congratulations Salesh! 🙂 A big number indeed, which, with time will keep increasing 🙂 Cheers.Best Wishes!

  5. congrats salesh..keep it growing…best luck for more ‘scribbling’

  6. Sid

    Many congratulations, Salesh. May you keep knocking off milestones in writing again and again.

  7. “LOVE YOU” is all I am going to say #HUGSSS

  8. Celebrate XMas with a bang, Salesh. It’s been a wonderful blog journey and admire your honesty, thoughts and incredible talent. Glad to have known you this year, dear friend:)

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