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When the prompt came up the one question that was constantly on my mind was how do I define success from a personal perspective. Has blogging made me redefine myself and has it fulfilled it’s purpose yet. The answer is a definite yes.

The thought of monetizing my work hasn’t crossed my mind neither do I get a thousand hits a day. I had to wait for three years to find who my audience. A reader put it this way Successful bloggers have a niche but you have everybody which is a blessing. There isn’t a single soul wouldn’t be touched by your words. God has given you the power to inspire lives don’t ever throw it away.”

I have never believed in numbers for more often than not they hide the real picture and give a false impression. For me the effort I put in day in and day out is all that matters and how it has helped me rediscover myself. If success is only about numbers then it’s a stern no from my side to me success is making a difference in the lives of your readers.

I may not be a famous celebrity who flaunts the numbers but I am an awesome person







  1. Touche! Indeed, you are awesome as a person and somehow I can relate with the story of hits. Keep it up, brother and never lose faith:)

  2. You are so right – finding your niche and focus for your blog is the key to success! Keep going.

  3. This is so true! Some of my creations are also done to make a living, but others are solely for the benefit for others, or myself. Becoming clear on the goal is important! That way we can see when we succeed!

  4. You are indeed buddy – an awesome person and talented writer. 🙂

  5. Monetizing my blog is the need of the hour was my thought. Helping lots of women is only possible when I can do things for the(money wise). This was my thought process. Reading your post I have understood that if my writing can help create awareness for women then that is success. Thanks for showing me the other and brighter side of the coin.

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