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There’s something which has been bothering my mind ever since GAZA happened.  Why do we remain mute spectators when atrocities like this happen? Gaza was not the first and trust me it won’t be the last. More often than not we talk about a burning issue for a few days and let it die a slow and painful death.

A few months back the Tamil Fishermen issue was all over the social media. I remember a colleague asking me why it was making headlines all of a sudden and to be frank I had no answers. As someone who had seen the issue from up-close the ignorance haunted me. Innocent women raped, many killed and still no amicable solution.

Is it too much asking people around us to empathize and make a difference? There’s no greater resource than humans and I still believe something could be done

What if we could all come together ignoring our cast, creed and national differences. It is only when there is harmony across the human race will the world be a better place to live in until then all the efforts for WORLD PEACE will remain just a myth.

PS: Our leaders don’t rule us there are just mere representatives.

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  1. It’s really sad how we remain mute by standers and guess, we will react when it happens to us. Sad reality.

  2. Scott

    I do agree, but leaders become corrupt with power and have no incentive to listen to the people.

  3. Our leaders are unfortunately not acting as our representatives, somewhere they have taken over and are pushing their thoughts and deeds as ours. We the people need to get our leaders right before we can expect them to raise their voices for us.

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