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This one had me giggling. The team actually wanted Mr Procrastinator to write about procrastination.  Let me begin with a tiny story to justify why I keep delaying things. I was born premature.  I was in such a hurry to see this world that I opened my eyes a little early.  Ten months in the holy place was too much for me. Seven months was more than enough.

I guess me breaking the rules this early made the almighty so angry that he decided to delay things for the rest of my life. I joined kindergarten when most kids would have finished their KG’s and joined first standard.  My friends warm up to me very late. You see I am not an instantly likeable personality so that friends’ part is granted. The worst – I still don’t even have a girl friend. Oh come on dear God this is not fair.

Fortunately I could see through God’s mischievous grin a little early so I decided if things are gonna to get delayed let me be the one to do it. So I come up with my own genius plan If your mind tells you to do something immediately put it off until you completely forget that it ever existed.  That’s how I became Mr Procrastinator.

The last thing I ever delayed – Oh that’s a toughie there are so many but I guess my autobiography would be the obvious choice. I have drafted only till Part 4.. The rest it’s all in the mind. No worries though for I will definitely hit the publish button before I get into short-term memory loss mode.

Why not procrastinate and schedule this post for the 19th.  Oh wait Sakshi might actually curse me and sugar coat it with her trademark flow of words.  Imagine Sid bombarding me with evil designs or bumping me off in one of his fictions.  Rekha’s dew drops might actually turn into tiny missiles and you can never trust the Iron man Jairam. He might just re-appear and force me into eternal exile.

Wait there’s my little team of guest authors too. They are actually a lot more dangerous than the team of avengers. Not sure what evil plan is running on their minds. I dare not risk it. Am I delaying the end? Oh no don’t bang your heads on the table.


This post was written for Project 365 program at We Post Daily. The prompt given to me was procrastination – What was the last thing you delayed and why.











  1. That’s a good way of talking about procrastination. and who better than an avid procrastinator to write such a post.

  2. Too funny! You have struck a chord with so many of us. Thanks for the entertaining (and true to life) post.

  3. Hey! How dare you take my title away 😛 Humorous post, Salesh. And probably the story of us procrastinators 🙂

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