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She was one of a kind.. I still remember those times when my gaze never left her. At times she reminded me of my mother. They were so many similarities. Oh wait am I wandering off the topic here. Does it seem like I am talking about the damsel in distress. Nope that’s how the seeds were sown through my then class teacher – VIMALA MISS.

She had the kind of aura that I have rarely seen in any of my mentors. Maybe it was childhood fascination or was it the joy of experiencing love and care beyond my family for the first time. But she left such an impression that I decided then and there that I would become a teacher someday. Students would all sit with their eyes fixed on me like we did in her class or so I thought until..

Oh yeah the flirting with ambitions doesn’t end there. The second part of story begins here when I suddenly developed an obsession towards my religion. It was me and the BIBLE all the time.  The Bible used to be my secret companion while my teacher was taking class. I was reading on the sly while chemistry was being taught in class. I will become a priest. Sadly even that obsession deserted me.

  I entered my teens. I guess you know what the hormones do. My world turned topsy turvy like it does for most of us. It’s the age when you drool over every girl in the campus. A priest seemed like a very bad idea. B.COM, MBA loads of money and my very own happily ever after and then it happened…

Dad passed away and my near perfect world came crashing. The funeral – A huge crowd – people whose lives Dad had touched.  There were praises galore.  Was it because Dad was a Finance Controller?  Nope it was because he was a warm hearted person who reached out to people in need despite the vast gulf in social status. My eyes opened and I saw something which gave me a sense of peace.

As we grow older our ambitions evolve but more often than not it’s how we evolve as a person that defines the very purpose of our existence. I am where I want to be despite my muddled choices. My profession fills my stomach while my passion (writing) fills my soul.

This post was written for Project 365 program at We Post Daily. The prompt given to me was Ballerina, Fireman, Austronaut, Movie Star – Evolution of my ambitions since age 10











  1. Hi Shailesh, yes, we evolve. I remember I wanted to be a lawyer after seeing “Meri Jung”. He he. So many professions later, here I am. Doing so many different things at once that I cannot make out one from the other at times. 🙂 Your last sentence…. Keep feeding both – stomach and soul. Take care.

    • You a lawyer ? Would have suited you just perfect.. Even me too in the same boat.. Jack of all trades.. Thanks for dropping by..

  2. Blessed are those who manage to balance both their “fillings” – heart and stomach simultaneously. You’ve come a long way, my friend, and here’s to greater heights.

  3. To have both that you need and desire is a blessing in itself. Lucky you.

  4. Ha! It’s like the ultimate truth of birth is penned down in a few paragraphs. Yes, it happens to everybody. Lucky are the ones whose profession fills both but that’s rare. Great thought process Salesh!

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