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What would happen if Clark Kent reveals his true identity to the entire world. It would be utter chaos right. Superman would lose his uniqueness. The mask of a reporter serves him well. It gives him the much-needed space to perform his duties with ease.

My avatar as a writer has a similar parallel. To me it’s not a question of data protection it’s a question of protecting my dual identities so that both my worlds don’t collide. In an ideal scenario my professional and personal world should co-exist but sadly that isn’t the case.

In my professional world I am the nerd. Someone whom people would rarely notice the specs, the walk much like the girl who carries the files in the movie “WHAT WOMEN WANT” but nobody can question my commitment towards my work.

The fun begins when my finger gets itchy. I suit up and transform into a different personality. It helps me explore darker themes without having to mask the fire which rages within. I reveal what I want my audience to see nothing more, nothing less. There’s a thin line between baring it all and utter stupidity fortunately I know my boundaries.

A revelation is like peeling an onion. You have to peel it layer by layer in the right way so that it suits your meal. Do it the wrong way and you might just end up hurting your fingers or eyes.

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  1. Dagny

    You mean, your professional circle, who know you as a nerd, have no idea of your blogger identity!?

    You can write about funny stuff in your office and none the wiser! What fun! 🙂

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    • Spot on Dagny.. So far I have made sure that the two worlds don’t collide and i’ll let it be that way for now…

  2. sakshinanda

    Salesh, hats off to you if you can successfully prevent ‘both worlds’ from colliding. I am unable to. There is so much of me, the real me, in the writer me that trying to separate one form the other will be like splitting a hair. Of course, keeping some bits about myself hidden from public eye is something I ensure too. But when I write, I have no idea how I expose myself.
    As for revelations – they say whistling while peeling onions keeps the eyes from watering. I guess that translates into being happy in life and welcoming revelations with a tune, a hum or just a whistle. 🙂
    Lovely post. Thanks for writing in!

  3. Quite a creative take on the prompt and very nicely done indeed. Sadly I am unable to separate the two and hence partly the reason, I am where I am today. But I love the analogy where a normal person could get transformed into a super hero (ine) / writer when the need arises. Good luck buddy

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