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I guess the title says it all. 1983 – The most significant year in Indian cricketing history. The year India lifted it’s first cricket world cup. It’s the story of all of us. It’s a story of how the euphoria of a single sporting event can ignite a passion towards the game.

The film hits the right notes from the very first scene – It’s a wonderful parallel to how the 96 World Cup impacted our own lives and made us look at cricket as a religion. For people who don’t know the game it’s madness. For the fanatics who follow every ball without blinking their eyes it’s passion.
Along the way there is lost love, a lesson in how life always gives us a chance to redeem ourselves and re-live our dreams. There is a saying that hard work pays but the film in it’s own subtle way reminds us that relentless passion has it’s own rewards too.
There’s bonding, hope and warmth – an endearing mix of all the right ingredients. Nivin Pauly is impeccable as the cricket fanatic. It’s good to see someone from the younger brigade take up such a versatile role. Niki Galrani is ravishing. The real surprise though is Srindha Ashab as the innocent housewife. The scene before the interval is an absolute treat. Anoop Menon and Joy Mathew play their parts to perfection.
Gopi Sundar’s melodies takes you back to the days of maestro Illayaraja especially Olanjali Kuruvi track. Abrid Shine takes up a theme which appeals to the masses and delivers a film which is sure to tug your heart.
My Rating 4.5/5






  1. Dagny

    Cricket is indeed a passion for us. Though my mother used to wonder how my father (and for some years even I) could sit glued to the TV/ Radio for hours on end watching/ listening to 22 men run after the same ball for 5 days in a row. 🙂

    Your review makes me want to see the movie. 4.5 is a handsome rating indeed. 🙂
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  2. Cricket is our religion, Lovely post

  3. I absolutely loved the movie to bits. In my opinion, along with Iqbal, the Nagesh Kukunoor movie, this movie makes for one of the best ever cricket movies made in India. And Nivin Pauly’s love for the game and his role as the father simply takes the cake 😀

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