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The big day arrives – the day in which all roads lead to one man. The day in which even multiplexes resemble a long queue in a ration shop. The day in which even a first row ticket costs Rs 120. The frenzy is to be seen to be believed The voice, the style, the poise which captured the hearts of millions across the globe. If ever there was a perfect definition of style it’s the one and only SUPERSTAR RAJNIKANTH. Move over X – Men our Thalaivar is here in grand style.

The movie starts with a note of applause from Amitabh Bachan and fittingly so.  What follows is a riveting tale of conquest and betrayal between two kingdoms. Rajni shines through in every frame. As is the norm with every Rajnikanth film he is the centrepiece and the other characters revolve around him. His trademark style, speed and agility is visible even in his animated avatar.

Nasser gets a meaty role as the antagonist and his experience speaks in every frame. Sarath Kumar,Adhi do their bit in well etched supporting roles. Deepika’s animated avatar is a bit of a letdown though. 

The dialogues are power packed and leave the desired impact. Sample this “A leader is not the one who rules the land but the one who rules the hearts of his people”. Imagine this in vintage Rajni’s powerful voice. The real surprise package of the film though is Nagesh. Oh yes the makers have managed to bring back the veteran, the few lighter moments of the film belong to him. A wonderful way of paying tribute to the great actor.

A.R Rahman’s nusic is top-notch and manages to elevate the film’s grandeur. Kudos to Soundarya Rajnikanth for such a brave attempt. Despite a few glitches in animation my guess is the film will stand the test of time and become a cult classic. Even as I immersed myself in the Rajni euphoria I heard an old voice saying ( Bomma padam eduthurkanga ) i.e the film resembles a cartoon. Critical appreciation is a resounding yes. But the box office numbers will depend how Rajni’s animated avatar is welcomed by the masses.

MY VERDICT – 4/5 for the novel attempt. Watch it Rajni, Nagesh and superstar’s thandavam.

PS: Vijay, Ajith latest mass heroes ah irundhalum enga thalaivar than greatest.













  1. I will surely watch the movie, if not for anything else, at least to check out the quality of the animation work done. And in the trailer itself, I found Deepika’s animation very very bad and very disappointing for sure.

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