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I pace up and down the room. My soul is restless. The decision could work either ways. Instinctively my eyes hover around the FB chat list. I needed someone to re-affirm my decision. I turn to the conjurer.  “Follow your heart” was his answer. Just the words I wanted to hear. It was music to my ears.

I guess he must have been a cast member of the X – Men in his previous birth. I just love the way he re-invents himself time and again. His energy rubs off on me maybe that’s the reason I haven’t suffered from writer’s block just yet. 

I have never seen someone brimming with so many ideas. It is just so joyfully infectious.  But much like the people I admire what sets him apart is his ability to reach out. I have never heard him say a no just yet not atleast to me. The best part though comes when I have a really bad day and a random conversation with Sid gets me back on my feet again. It’s re-activating the idea switch in my brain. Hopefully his better half doesn’t hit me for pinging him once too often

If ever there was someone who fits the word all-rounder perfectly it is Sid. Thankfully he had the guts to make a choice. Otherwise it would have been a story of the volcano lying dormant. I intend to sue him for one thing though. He keeps teasing his readers with wonderful trailers. I am just not sure when he intends to give us the whole picture in its full glory.

I am firm believer that every person has a purpose in your life and he’s played his part in mine to perfection. It’s an honour knowing you Sid and I say it from my heart.

PS: Not even film hero has so many titles. 

And don’t forget to take a peek @ You might just end up falling in love with his words













  1. I’m not really sure how to respond this huge compliment Salesh. But yes, definitely a big thank you. I’m no member of X-Men, but just a simple human being. And no, “NO” isn’t generally a word I use. So in the words of the famous and ever popular Dumbledore from Hogwarts, I say “Help is always given to those you ask for it!” 🙂 I may not always have the answers, but I will try and help when and however I can. You can count on that buddy. As for the teasers, patience my friend. Once again, thank you for this lovely dedication and I’m glad that I’ve managed to touch the life of at least one person in a positive manner.

  2. Lovely and very apt words about Sid 🙂 I agree with them whole heartedly.. Sid, looks like you have gathered a fan following now 🙂

  3. Salesh, Everyone needs help once in a while. I believe that when you sincerely have a need, the universe will get it for you. It may not be the same friend, the same set of conditions or the same thing that brings you what you need & it may not even be in the same form but, you WILL get it in the end. I loved the initial quote in your post which says it all. Everything you said about Sid is true. Multi-talented & helpful. I think he is happy and therefore he spreads this happiness and positive energy to all who come in contact with him.

    • Indeed Poornima 🙂 Thing always work out in the end and at the right time. As for the “everything he said about Sid being true” part, I’m giggling. I agree I’m generally happy-go-lucky and yes, sometimes it tends to rub off. Sometimes in good ways, sometimes the wrong way. Fortunately, it was the good way with Salesh.

    • I second you Poornima.. Btw should I feature ur lovely princess in here. Nah I will wait until she grows up

  4. Salesh, you know already that I agree with you. Not just on the ‘energy’ and ‘fun and funny’ bit, but also how he never says no to anything, at no time of the day or night. I have woken him up from sleep, put him to sleep with my blah-blah, dug ideas for posts out of him and even called him up in my direst of P365 circumstances. Why, I almost gave him my passwords. Imagine the trust!
    I’m happy Sid is around. At least I know someone is there on the other side of the screen always free enough/awake enough to help when need be. 🙂
    Lovely post. You are just so large-hearted it’s great to see!

    • This never saying “No” business has gotten me into a lot of trouble already 😉 But yes, thank you so much for your kind words Sakshi

    • Did u say large hearted.. The fact that I am in Sid’s good books says it all I guess

  5. Dagny

    Salesh, you couldn’t have picked a better person to talk about, than Sid. He really is an amazing guy. I am so happy I met him!

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