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My mobile was buzzing. A familiar name flashed.. It was her. I just couldn’t wait to see what the message was.  Just two words ” Good Morning”. It made my day. How things change!

As you grow older you start to see the real intentions.I am not the naive college student who thought those words meant something. Over the years I have realized that those were mere words which had to be sent to get something done. But I have no regrets those texts have given some wonderful friends and hard lessons.

My friends say some of my writings make their eyes moist. It’s all sprinkled with goodness and positivity. It had made them re-think and even helped some of them re-vamp their life.  How did it happen ?  The moment I decided to take up blogging I knew I had one major  challenge – How do I form an emotional connect with my readers ? .

The key word whether it’s texting or writing is the “INTENT“. If the intent is right the medium does not matter. If your words are fake the purpose is lost. The much-needed emotional bond that we all seek desperately is nullified. The words remain mere words and nothing more. I am glad I realized it very early. I write my heart. I bare it all for everyone to see.  The result – A happy space and a sea of compliments.

PS: I was all set to skip this prompt. But when my favourite writer asks me to weave a post for a prompt with the right intent on behalf of the team I just could not refuse.

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  1. Intent definitely matters. 🙂

  2. sakshinanda

    Salesh, you speak my heart and from your heart too I see. How similar strangers can be. ‘Intent’ is where truth lies – of what we want to convey and then how we convey it. So often, especially in the www, so much is left to the mood of the reader that any normal conversation can be dissected into an pleasant one. And thoughts and words follow, straining relationships. I guess, if our intention is clear right from the start, and to our selves, we cannot hurt anyone, and certainly not intentionally. (For I do believe in that basic goodness that each human being carries – even if over-shadowed by a handful of wrongs.)
    Thanks for writing in. Your post is very meaningful.

  3. Salesh, I’m not sure that I can add anything else to what Sakshi and Rekha have already said. Yes, too many times, INTENT is often mistaken for something else. And I respectfully disagree with one of your statements – I don;t think all of us get wiser as we age. Sometimes it just goes the other way round 🙂 I’m not sure who inspired you to write it (but I do have a very good idea), but I’m sure glad you did.

    • I am an old soul Sid.. Having seen so much at quite a young age.. I have learnt to seperate the good seeds from the bad one.. As for guess,,Your welcome to ping me.. I would very much like to know..

      • I disagree once again. Having seen a lot at a young age it maked you experienced, not an old soul my friend. 😀

  4. Bang on Salesh, Intent is everything I completely agree with you. But at times, our Intents are misunderstood and how I wish every body would be wise enough to understand that 🙂

  5. Nice unconventional take on the prompt, although I didn’t quite see ‘intent’ of communication being discussed, the fact that you managed to come up with something that is as ‘solid’ and ‘bang on’ as this post means that you managed to unpeel at least one extra layer to this prompt 🙂

    I don’t know if my intent of praising this post came through in that last paragraph though 🙂

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