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I have come across people who repeatedly nod their heads like an automated robot allowing themselves to be bullied into submission. They neither question nor analyze the purpose of their existence. Even yours truly was no exception until I realized that my whole life was destined to be a miracle in motion.

Trust me it wasn’t easy especially for someone born with limitations. The words ” NO YOU CAN’T” seem to echo all around me. I had to stand up and fight for my identity. At times it was a lone battle but I wasn’t ready to give up.  It was time to say ” YES I CAN”. Needless to say life has been a bliss ever since I started questioning people’s perception of how they wanted me to be. 

It doesn’t have to be a YES all the time. At times you have to learn to say NO. It’s time to stand up and fight for your own ideals. It’s time to leave your mark the way you want to. It’s time to leave your footprints for others to follow.

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  1. Very true, Salesh. And sometimes someone else’s NO is the motivator for your YES.

  2. As someone who has yet to learn to say NO, this post really resonated with me!

  3. I have trouble saying “no” a lot. I have gotten better at standing up for myself at work, but when it comes to friends and family, I just feel bad saying no!

  4. I’m much more confident when saying no with a reason. I almost wish we would all have mentors when young to point out that it’s ok to think first before you answer to anyone of authority. Thanks for you post!

  5. Very independent statement for yourself. Good for you, Salesh!

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