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An Umbrella. How do I weave a post ?  I travel back yet again.. It’s raining heavily. My feet are submerged in the waters. Oh God why today ? What was supposed to be my day had suddenly turned into a nightmare. Office calls yet again. Is it going to be like this the whole day I mutter and curse myself.. Oh wait I almost forget – My Umbrella – My constant companion be it heavy rain or scorching heat. 

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I press the button and it opens up serving as a relief from the heavy downpour. I look upward and thank  heavens or should I thank the Umbrella for reminding me that there’s always help around if your willing to look in the right direction. 

Our life is a lot like the Umbrella it’s good to open up every once in a while to people who really need your help. A shoulder to cry, a warm embrace, a hug or a word of appreciation. You never know what it might mean to the person in distress. It might just be spark the person needs to get back on track again. 

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge






  1. Way to find the positive in frustrating weather. Great U post!

  2. I may need your umbrella! As I sit browsing blogs the heavens just opened and the rain is battering the windows!

    Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge 🙂

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