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Ah it’s that time of the year again. Time to celebrate a redemption. Time for Easter Eggs and cakes. Nope I am not gonna to deliver a sermon. I guess most of us would have had our turns at a homily last night and today morning. I am just gonna to leave you all with a tiny message.

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This is a festival which has no precedent. On the surface it looks like magic. But there is a deeper meaning if your prepared look within. It celebrates renewal of the spirit. It gives us a message of hope and change. It showed us that a single spark is enough to ignite a whole race.

Look within, take one step at a time and renew yourself every once in a while. Never ever give up. You will definitely have your shot at redemption. All you need is a tiny spark.

Happy Easter! Wishes to all at home. Celebrate, have fun and keep your worries aside.









  1. How i miss Easter Eggs party!! It’s been a huge day for me.. Happy Easter!

  2. Such wisdom in someone so young! Thank you, Salesh!! 🙂

  3. Happy Easter to you to Salesh! Have a blessed year ahead.

  4. Thank you, Salesh. Special prayers and blessings for our deployed troops, their families, and all who struggle in the world for peace and safety in their daily lives.

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