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Dear Miss X,

Of late I have been hailed as a hero. For once I actually believed things have changed. Thanks for reminding me that I am just a clown in a circus. A clown who hides his tears behind the mask. A clown whose job is to bring a smile irrespective of what goes on within him.  I am the show man who entertains ,whose job is done once the show is over.


I actually thought love was a union of two hearts. You made it sound like some sort of barter system. A car, a house and then me. Am I an add on. I don’t think so ?  I understand your anxiety for a secured life. Trust me I do.  You have every right to ask for the life you desire but that doesn’t mean you can hurt me. All I asked was a chance to prove myself but you chose to ignore me.

You have made me re-think my values though. Am I a misfit in a world filled with compromises. You made it sound like honesty is a crime. Maybe it is. Ideals don’t work anymore. I remember the words as you said it ” People like you belong to the museum not out here in the real world. You are a fool “.

I glance at my legs yet again. The limp still hurts. You have left me with a lot of questions  Will I ever succeed in my quest for the one true love ? That’s the only thing missing in a life filled with accolades. There are times when I yearn for someone to share. Will I ever find that one perfect partner with resolve and determination. Someone who would stand by me come what may. To be frank I don’t have answers. Only time will tell.

For now it’s time to say goodbye.

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  1. You will find that true love if you believe you will. Wishing you all the best. Dropping by from UBC and AtoZ

  2. This so touching Salesh.Most people these days are impatient to have a secure future and lose out on life for the same reasons.I do hope you find your true love!

  3. I have just followed your blog! 🙂 This was a really well written post!

  4. It’s truly sad when people don’t look at the person – but think of what they can get out of them. I’m trying to make up my mind about the inspiration for this, Salesh.

  5. Life is a never ending quest and you have a way with words. Thank you.

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