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PETER – The spokesman of the apostles – The chosen one – The rock. There are so many attributes to Peter which makes him quite distinct but there is one thing which never ceases to amaze me. He caught fishes for a living yet the Lord chooses him. The most interesting part comes when he betrays Jesus. He succumbs to temptation. One moment of weakness is all that is needed to crush the trust that the great teacher has on him.


The story doesn’t end there though. It is all part of a big plan. Peter is given a chance to redeem himself. He embraces his calling and becomes the torch-bearer for the church. He becomes a martyr – a saint who spread the words of the great teacher and he becomes someone who lives by his words.

All of us have our moments of weakness. We are humans – imperfect fragile beings who go through pain day in and day out. Our life becomes a question mark only when we let those moments of weakness shape our life. It is time for redemption, time to let go of the scars of self doubt. Time for a brand new start.

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  1. Thank God He can clean us up and make us better than our past!

  2. Aha. Peter; the man who denied Jesus!

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