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Nick Vujicic wedding

Mission 200 completed. What next? I ask myself. It’s time to make a fresh start. What better way than to start with a real life superman – NICK VUJICIC – the limbless wonder. Our lives run along the same lines. Years of self search, suffering and pain leads to redemption.  He is like my mirror image.


I asked my cousin a couple of days back” Why do I have go through so much pain and suffering to find my true purpose?  His answer “Be proud. You are an inspiration, not many of us get a chance to touch lives day in and day out.  You are lucky that found your calling at this age. Some realize only when their hairs grey and he was absolutely right.

Despite all the perceived weaknesses there will atleast be one unique factor which makes you special. Search within; find a way to work around your weaknesses.  If a man without limbs can achieve so much so can you. Don’t let the criticisms pull you down.

Always remember “THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN “for you are the best judge of your own abilities. As a good friend reminded me “the ‘one question you have to ask yourself every day’. And, no, it is NOT ‘what do I want’. Instead, it is ‘what pain am I willing to endure to GET what I want’.

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  1. I feel terrible that I’d never heard of Nick; he seems quite a guy.

    Good luck with the rest of your Ultimate Blog Challenge 🙂

  2. What an inspiring man! I really have no excuses to not follow my dreams.

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