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Ah finally we come to the  L word.  There’s just so much that can be written when it comes to LOVE but I will try to focus on one important aspect – TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF. More often than not I see people cribbing about the way they look or the way their life pans out. Try to remind yourself that you are own person and you shape your destiny. There’s none like you nor will ever be.


We all have our own imperfections. None of us are perfect. Then why do some people seem to happy all the time. Is it the money ? Nope it’s acceptance of their own strength and weakness which helps them give a vision to their dreams. Never let opinions or view points ruin the way you perceive yourself. The people who talk never walk in your shoes. Their views are just a reflection of their own muddled choices.

Always remember – You are different, unique and special in the eyes of the creator – for God often prefers the so-called imperfect or weak people to script his most wonderful stories. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living

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  1. “There’s none like you nor will ever be.” What a powerful affirming thought you gave me; it makes me want to live my fullest life.

  2. Really nice post, great to connect with another blogger through atoz.

  3. Beautiful one Salesh on love which matters the most in life:)

  4. Brilliantly weaved Salesh. The gift of self-love is the biggest of all of course

  5. Amar Naik

    nice take on letter L

  6. Nice post!! Thanks for sharing about self love 🙂

  7. jyotsnabhatia86

    Ah yes.. to love our own selves.. The most important one yet not followed by many !!

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