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Oh my just when I plan for a busy April Month my Laptop starts acting up like a grumbling child. It was revenge time. It’s been four years since I laid my hands on my Dell Laptop brand new, black and shinning. The problem – I hadn’t given it for service even once so it conveniently decides to go on strike just when I needed it the most  ” Take that you idiot” this one is for not taking proper care of me. I get the point but please don’t let me down now. All my pleading and praying is of no avail as my laptop shut itself down.

My Laptop has been a constant companion over the last 4 years. Right from transporting me to the world of movies, soothing my ears with wonderful music and helping me connect to the outside world through my writing. It has been with me through thick and thin.

What next? I rack my brains. Posting via mobile -no that won’t suit me.. Internet centre that’s a little risky. Should I give up.. ? I really don’t know. Oh God please show me a way out of this mess. My mobile rings. It was Fisher – My cousin. Shall we go for a movie today? Oh yes but bring your laptop along. Mine’s not working we might need yours for booking tickets. He reaches home with his laptop. My eyes light up. How helpful it would be if I had his for a couple of days?

I guess he read my mind “You can take mine for a couple of days while we leave your laptop for service you might need it for your regular postings” Just what I was waiting to hear. A small gesture but a timely help nevertheless How I wish there were more like him. Even a small gesture can make a big difference.

For a change I had a white Sony Viao with me even as I bid my own trusted companion goodbye for a short while.

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  1. Technology is brilliant, but sometimes it just lets us down! Lucky you. Your cousin was an angel in disguise! 🙂

  2. My laptop is almost 4 years old. Don’t know what I’d do without it!

  3. Gaaaaaaaa I feel your pain! Isn’t that always the way with computers? Right now I have two old Dells – one of which I can get on the internet, but then all attempts to go to websites fail ( right after Microsoft did one of its automatic downoads). My I-pad is robust enough to read blogger posts but won’t let me comment ( not enough capacity, I guess). And I-phone screen way too small for these old eyes. So I’m doomed to using the one old working Dell in the basement, fingers crossed it keeps on chugging until I can get a newer upgraded laptop. This time I’m switching to a Mac laptop.

    Hope you can get yours working again soon. The computer hassles are the only part of blogging I don’t like. Guess every rose has at least one thorn, eh?

  4. I couldn’t live without mine.

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