It was a trap. How could I not see through the obvious? If only I had read the warning signs earlier. Right from the start I have allowed myself to be bullied by the elite of the society. Nobody even gave me a chance. I was an outcast with no credentials. Neither was I endowed with great physical abilities. I was average at best following a herd which was ready to twist it’s own fate giving up lofty ideals for whimsical materialism. Where was the quality that I yearned for?


I know not what the future holds as the scars refuse to heal. There’s fear within – fear of isolation as I find myself trapped in a dead end. Is it too late to reshape or is it KARMA. I look ahead. There’s the herd again waiting to pounce on every given opportunity. That evil smile, that mock grin there are SMEAGOLS everywhere – all under a spell. There’s emptiness as quantity takes over.

I yearn for the rule of the heart. Maybe the spell would be broken if order is restored. Maybe there’s hope. Will light awaken the goodness in my people?. Will the light shine? I hope it does for it’s been too long.  Eventually we must all begin again from where we had first started to realize what we have lost in the process of evolution. It is time for Mother Nature again. Time for the barren lands to be replaced by the greens. It’s time to cast out the animal and bring in a more human side.

I WISH I HOPE I BELIEVE -that it will all change.

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