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It’s Esther time – Esther my all time favorite biblical heroine. Of all the characters in the bible Esther holds my fascination time and again. It’s one of the very first rags to riches story that inspired me. There’s no magic- no miracle just a simple striking story of how a simple girl next door becomes a representative of her people.There was a purpose – a plan behind her elevation to the top. The life of Esther holds some of .life’s BIG lessons


DREAM BIG: No dream is big enough. Right from her early years she foresees an elevation to the top. There are people around her who ridicule her but she never gives up on her one “BIG DREAM”. 
STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT: There’s a pivotal moment which defines her own life where she stand up for her own race “THE JEWS” even if it means breaking the king’s protocol.
BREAK THE RULES: Nothing absolutely nothing can be achieved if you don’t learn to break the common rule books which govern this world. The people who have made a difference to our very existence are people who have broken the existing societal norms. Esther risks it all when she stands before the king breaking his own protocol. But that is what makes a difference to her people’s life.
PREPARE EARNESTLY: It is not enough just to dream big. You have to be ready to “SEIZE THE MOMENT”. Opportunity seldom knocks twice so be ready to grab it when it flashes before you.
TRUST WHOLEHEARTEDLY: This is the last but a very important lesson. Not for one moment does Esther let go of her faith in the creator. It is very essential to trust the plans of the creator wholeheartedly. If doubt creeps in the whole purpose is lost.
These lessons hold true for most of us even in this modern day and age. No dream is big enough. Let people keep taking while you leave a trail behind. Trust me it’s never too late to make a start.






  1. I like the goal achievement life lessons! Very nice reminder,
    cheers, Gordon

  2. My favorite too. She’s the epitome of all who dared…and won.

  3. Makes me want to read her story now

  4. Hi – i’m an A to Zer visiting blogs and I enjoyed catching up with your A-E posts. You are a very disciplined writer and have chosen nice tributes to people. I look forward to next week!

  5. Lovely! An excellent analysis of one of my favorite Biblical stories. I’m an A to Z-er too.

  6. It is an amazing story of how she took on the role of Queen and went on to be a legend, Salesh. One of my favourite heroines from the Bible.

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