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I too have a Cindrella story! The difference – She didn’t need magic shoes to change her life. She is a living example of how the almighty gets his timing just right. Having lost my Dad I was lost and looking for answers. The future looked bleak and I needed an inspiration to move forward. I see her for the very first time in the popular chat show SATYAMEVA JAYATE and her courage startled me.


Of course I had lost my dad but that doesn’t mean the end of the road. Here was a lady who had undergone torment and suffering in her childhood yet she chose to rise like a phoenix to revamp her life. It was a stern reminder. It is time to move on and live for the dreams of the lost soul. Over the last couple of years she’s been a surprisingly warm presence in my life a good friend and a well-wisher.

We are pen friends via e-mail – yes despite all the advancement in technology I haven’t got an opportunity to meet her in person partly because of my own hesitation and partly because writing reminded me of all those hand written letters in the good old days. I have an unfulfilled wish too – to interview her for my blog.

You don’t always have to look up to famous personalities for inspiration. Sometimes the people you meet in your day to day life can serve as exemplary role models of courage.

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  1. oh.. how sweet..

  2. Those kinds of stories are so inspiring!! And you’re right, we can meet or know non-famous people in our daily lives who inspire us.

  3. The last quote is so apt!

  4. I have lots of friends who inspire me. I think we are blessed with the people around us as they serve to show us a different way and provide arms to support us when we need it and we them.

  5. Great tat yu got a friend in her
    stay blessed

  6. We all meet Cindrellas in our life and its wonderful to get inspired.

  7. SO true, we are always most inspired by people we meet on a daily basis.
    Nice post 🙂

  8. i think we take friends and family for granted with sometimes not realising we have them there for support x

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