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Oh no not again” The typical reaction from my Mom when she sees my clothes scattered across the room. That’s probably my only weakness. Even if I do keep my books and other belongings neat and tidy somehow my clothes fly across. Maybe it’s the tiredness of having just got back from the office or maybe it’s habitual I just don’t know. Of course when a guest arrives the mess magically disappears.

Sometimes working around a mess can be fun too. I still have fond memories of the day me and my brother competed to clean up the house one fine day. From the cupboard to the book shelf everything was turned upside down and it was day well spent and a day of bonding and cheerfulness

Being a staunch follower of Gandhi’s principles I refrain from taking a stand on this topic.

Confused! Let me quote an incident from the Mahatma’s life. A mom comes with her daughter asking Gandhi to advise her daughter against eating chocolates to which the great man replies “Come back after a few days I will advise after giving up on my own sweet tooth”. I hope I have made my point.

Either ways it can be fun if u can find a way to work around a mess.

PS: Thank God my Mom doesn’t read English otherwise I am finished.

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  1. sakshinanda

    Ha ha! That Gandhi inclusion was a super way to make your point. Short, sweet and ahem … tidy post, if you allow me to use that word. ‘Work around the mess’ is something my husband loves doing, after creating the mess, that is. 😀 Surely, sorting it all out together leads to bonding at best and bandying words at its worst. 😀

  2. GIven the fact that I am a messy person, I totally love this post 🙂

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