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The challenge begins and I start with an A and as always I begin with a female protagonist. It was a toss-up between Annelies “Anne” Marie Frank and Woody Allen’s humorous Annie Hall. After much deliberation I decided to go ahead with Anne Frank.


The question Why Anne Frank? I quote John F Kennedy “Of all the multitudes who throughout history have spoken for human dignity in times of great suffering and loss, no voice is more compelling than that of Anne Frank”. Anne Frank wasn’t a celebrity by any means. She was an ordinary person like you and me who found hope in the middle of chaos.

My admiration for Anne Frank began at an early age. I was 15 when I first held the Diary of Anne Frank. I did begin with my customary “Oh what could be there in the diary of a little girl”. But as I read along I found it to be an endearing coming of age story.  Even after I finished the book the thoughts of Anne Frank made me revisit my whole life. 

How often do we give up just because of a minor hurdle? Sometimes we give up even without giving ourselves a shot at our dreams and aspirations. But here was girl whose life was in danger every day. There’s a no contact with the outside world scenario. There’s life threatening crisis outside but still she dreams big. She aspires to become a journalist or a writer someday. Of course the inevitable does happen but her voice lives on inspiring millions like me and her dreams  shape finds its fulfillment in all of us. No wonder she’s considered a cultural icon today.

I guess there’s an eternal message for all of us in the words of Anne Frank and I put it down in my own words “Even if darkness seems to surround your life never ever give up on your dreams”

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  1. I remember reading part of her diary as part of our english literature curriculum. The whole class was moved.

  2. i love Anne Frank. Her whole story was moving and touching and we read it every year in grade school.

  3. I remember reading Anne Frank, definitely an inspiring story.

  4. I just remembered we were taught about her in school, nice post.

  5. I can never forget the first time I read the book, Salesh – I was about 13 and it moved me very deeply. Whenever I feel like grumbling about things I remember people like Anne Frank.
    Corinne Rodrigues proud to be #Arlee’s Ambassador:AtoZ Challenge

  6. i am afraid to say i have always wanted t read this story but neve have yet i think its now got to go on my list as a must read x

  7. This is my MOST FAV BOOK Salesh. I bought it in a tour and cried when it ended. Felt like turning the pages…. She is immortal with the book ! Do u know this is the most purchased book all over the world ? after or before HP – most read book I guess

  8. Yes I know it’s the most read book and it moves you everytime

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