No this is not a movie review. While everyone has gone gaga over Cuckoo I have my apprehensions. Before I make my actual point let me just give a one liner about the plot – It’s about two blind people falling in love. On the surface it does look like a heart-warming love story and suits the popular phrase “LOVE IS BLIND“. Being one among those specially abled people it irks me as to how a film actually sugar coats a harsh truth. 


I am one of those highly privileged people who has found acceptance among people as a person and as a writer but the scars are too harsh to heal. How do you explain “No u can’t study here” or “look at him limp” or people laughing at me when I slip and fall. Of course I don’t deny the lack of empathy but the silver linings are too few.

I am not a negative person on the contrary I try to stay positive most of the time but when I see people act differently just because I am unique it hurts big time. I smile hiding the pain but sometimes the tears flow.  Sometimes it’s good to come out with the truth even if it means pointing out the harsh realities.

For a while even I was tempted to applaud the movie as the end credits rolled but I steered away from the crowd as the obvious truth struck me. I would rather watch Barfi, Mozhi or Peralagan n number of times than watching Cuckoo again on the big screen. I end with something which I came across a while back even as questions plague me again ” We live in a country where a Porn star is accepted but a rape victim is not” Maybe I will always remain a glitch or maybe not only time will tell.

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