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For those who are new let me begin with the obvious I have a limp, a slight one at that and a tag too – differently abled. I hardly care except on odd occasions when people stare at me like I am some sort of alien and it hurts big time. But what irks me more is the distinct lack of empathy For someone who wasn’t even supposed to complete I have come a long way and nobody has the right to question my appearance or my so called disability. If you don’t like me feel free to move away.

Yes I have found empathy in various forms at different points in my life but those have been very rare occasions like girl on the road or the POORI story. Let me narrate my encounter with a share auto wallah before I make my point. It was another random hot day and share auto was the least expensive mode of transport from home to office. After the regular 15 minutes wait I hop into a share auto which would take me to my destination. I reach my office and get down. What happened thereafter left a lump in my throat. I hand him the money but he refuses firmly ” We make money the whole day travelling to and fro to a lot of places it is very rare that we get a chance to help so let it be” These were his words. Nevertheless I thrust the money into his hand and move away. 

The more I think about what he said the harsh realities become evident. There are times when I slip while walking but these so called highly educated people never bother. It is always an ordinary person from the street who is willing to help. Of course I can get back on my own but a helping hand wouldn’t hurt. My mentor once said “It is only the so called educated people who are so bothered with their selfish egos that they forget the inherent goodness and innocence which guided their early years. For the ordinary man on the street it is only the heart that matters”

I may have been a bit harsh but use this as an opportunity to think again “What good is all the money knowledge and wealth if you fail to empathize. It is not too late though. Reflect,Reach out and leave ur FOOTPRINTS for others to follow.

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  1. It was nice to read this post.
    I signed up for the AtoZ challenge, and you were in the next 5 bloggers, after my sign up. I hope you will check out my blog and follow it , thank you.

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