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Damn it.. He throws the newspaper right on my face fuming.. All I could see was SC stays release of the convicts. At first I couldn’t fathom the reason for his anger. I thought it was the right thing to. You can’t allow the convicts who kill a former leader go away scot free. It might set a bad precedent or so I thought until I decided to walk in his shoes.

What made him so angry? Why is he so obsessed with a single verdict? I decide to go back in time to see reason. It’s our neighbouring nation SRI LANKA filled with blood of innocent people in the ongoing civil war between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. For the SRI LANKAN’S out there Tamil’s are mere refugees. Innocent men killed, women raped and you’re denied your right to live. What would you do if something like this happens right you fight the system you become rebels and that’s what exactly happened. 

How many of us know that every single day our Indian fishermen are being taken as prisoners by  SRI LANKA and every cricket match that India loses to SRI LANKA results in the loss of the lives of our brothers who go out fishing risking their lives feeding their families and running their day to day lives.

But that doesn’t justify killing a leader does it?  I ask him and his single line answer made me re-think? Justice delayed is justice denied and I have to agree with him on that. The convicts we are talking about here are people who spent most of their lives in jail re-living the whole nightmare. They were merely brainwashed pawns who did as commanded. Do they really deserve to be punished after all these years of imprisonment? There are no easy answers even as I conclude with a heavy heart. 

For once I will let the readers answer this one..

This post was written for Project 365 program at We Post Daily. The prompt for today was “ Bone of contention”.







  1. justice delayed is justice denied! such a powerful post!

  2. sad but true!
    not easy answers indeed 🙁

  3. Quite a powerful post there Salesh. Not your usual style but then again, the prompt wasn’t your “usual” one either. And I must say you managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Thanks for taking part

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