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Oh no.. Barely two months and it comes off again.. It’s time to cast aside. There was a time when a pair would last 6 months.  Right now 2 months is a big deal. Maybe it’s all part of growing up. I decide to adorn my feet for one last time before I throw them away. A question strikes my mind ? What does a pair of shoes signify ? Especially a torn pair of shoes. Is there a parallel lesson ?

In a way our life mirrors the shoes. As we travel further in life the once strong and flexible muscles begin to show signs of weakness. The secret lies in rediscovering ourselves every once in a while.  Maybe it’s time to chart out new goals as we move along, to explore new territories, to touch lives along the way and to do things which keep you young at heart.

I look at the shoes again. It’s been a constant companion. It’s borne with the limp. It’s accompanied me to office. It has walked with me through the rough roads and  at times it’s given me unforgettable memories.  But the time has come to bid goodbye. Time to bring in a new pair hopefully for another three months at least or maybe somebody gives me a magical pair which need not be replaced often.  

As I put in the new pair something resonates ” It doesn’t matter  how long you last if your willing to go the whole distance”






  1. A pair of shoes only lasting two months could signify that you are “walking” a lot more than you used to, as in to imply that you are covering larger distances in your journey of life, in much shorter time 🙂

  2. a pair of worn out shoes?
    Well they can be considered as friends who come with a purpose
    Once it is served they bid good bye….
    Probably this shoe also must have taken you to your destined destination…..and for now ….adieu
    To give an opportunity for some other pair to take you to your desired destination…..

  3. They also represent those constant companions in the journey called life, mostly overlooked, but always there to help us traverse the path of life.

    If they are ill fitting shoes, they could also be those pesky friends that we have who keep reminding us that we need to get rid of them and get better fitting shoes and more understanding friends.

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