That same disarming smile…The smile that assures u that things are gonna to turn out just fine…. To find it again through a different person was like finding the PERFECT LOST THING… Never knew a single friendly relationship could bring those old memories back….

Memories of that fateful day in DELOITTE when we first met. Me as always nervous and shivering- Another interview will I get through or will it turn out like the previous failed attempts. I drop my pen in the midst of the mental chaos that occupies my mind. She picks it up… My first glance of her… That confident radiant smile as she gives it back to me… It got me through an entire interview. I began my journey with Deloitte as months passed… We rarely met except for the occasional IM chats and SMS’s, but a friendly bond developed…A bond which helped me get through Dad’s death, a rough year and a half as I got back on my feet again…A friend who is always there in times of need with that evergreen smile of hers.

To find someone like her in an entirely new environment was a pleasant surprise… A new place.. Me as always an OUTSIDER… Few curious first day glances as always… Please I am not an ALIEN… I am just DIFFERENT.. I rarely notice her during the first couple of days. It’s the third day and I notice somebody different with that same RADIANT SMILE plus a little CHUBINESS. I guess God writes his own scripts in his own special way. A nice friendly relationship again… One which has given me something essential.. HOPE.. A hope that things will turn out fine.. . A nice beginning with hope for brighter times ahead