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It wasn’t supposed to be this way. It must all be a big mistake. Maybe I should look up. Is the creator smiling from above? I don’t know. I have never been a big believer in CHRISTMAS MIRACLES until….

 Forget writing.. Even school remained a distant dream. I was born with a different mandate. No legs, no school and no dreams. The battle had just begun. A never ending battle between destiny and me. There was only one way out.

I had to break every norm that existed.  It was a fight for survival..School happened and then came writing.

 Even though I had been writing since grade 7. I was always a reluctant writer – content to be in the shadows. It took a girl with a large heart to bring me to light. I take up blogging to find solace – to cope with a loss. The story ends here or so I thought. Then came the fairy with the magic wand or should I say magic words.

 We are how do I put it Blog – mates. In more ways than one getting to know her was an accident. I still remember my mouse hovering over the Add Friend button for a very long time before I actually pressed it. But some people are blessed with warm hearts. They come into your life for a reason to show you the path ahead.She was one of them.

Ever since we became friends her writings have influenced my life. I find those words irresistible. I am still not sure whether she uses a pen or some mystical heavenly object. She’s inspired me every single day and for that I owe her a BIG FAT THANK YOU.

 All my pride of being a good writer goes off. For now I am a humble fan and will always be  

 Miracles do happen in real life too. You don’t have to be a superman to chase ur dreams. If I can so can you. There will always be helping hands along the way to make your dreams come true.Oh wait the lady in question – SAKSHI NANDA.. Thank you for being a helping hand.

 PS : Why does every twist in the plot involve a female compatriot. I guess only God knows.

( To be continued )






  1. Thank you, Salesh. While I do not think I deserve this kind of adulation, it is good to see you have found ways to inspire your writing through mine. Just make sure you revise your ‘mentor’ list off-and-on. We’re all still learning, are we not? And writing is a personal exercise. We have to find our own style, our own voice and finally our own niche. I, like you, am searching for all 3 still.
    You made my day! 🙂

    • Sakshi .. Point taken.. More than writing.. This one’s more of an attempt to remember all those who have made a mark in my life.. Even the title says Part III right.. Who knows.. Maybe more to come… I write more from a personal perspective and I intend to keep it that way..

      • If you continue to write the way you have written this, you will find inspiration within. That is the best source of inspiration, Salesh. That which lies within. But I too look for people who inspire, why not. Not just who to emulate but even those I should not. In you I find an honesty and a big heart to appreciate a complete stranger like me. And that is truly inspiring in a world where no one has an extra ‘thank you’ to spare, or even a ‘job well done’.
        Wishing your writing the peak that it deserves.

  2. Salesh, It’s always a great feeling when a fellow blogger/writer looks up to your writing. And you’ve found one of the few writers who has still got a humble head on her shoulders . I’ve known Sakshi for just over a quarter of a year now, and I can vouch that she is really great with her words. I know she doesn’t need anyone’s approval or accreditation except hers, but that’s the point. But yes, I will also support what she said. Write your “list” with a pencil, so it can be erased and a new name can take the spot when you reach the next level. We all keep learning, and as we get better, we find new people to look up to 🙂

  3. Inspiration comes in many forms and Sakshi I guess is inspiring a lot of people including the team of Athenastake. I like the personal perspective its more one on one and makes me feel the connection better.

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