Wow Bollywood I love the consistency. I like the fact that our Hindi film directors never give up. It seems like a race out there as to who comes up with the worst remakes. First Krrish 3, Dhoom 3 and now this. Not all of them can be a Prabhu Deva who’s made churning money out of remakes an art.  Just how long will Salman Khan continue with the standard 80’s “RAJNIKANTH” template. God knows. 

Jai Ho – a remake of STALIN – which in turn was an average remake of the soulful PAY IT FORWARD. I quite like this chain. I guess this is what is called paying it forward. But in Stalin’s case the agenda was different. It was made with an intention to mirror Chiranjeevi’s political ambitions. The actual plot – I doubt if there is one in the first place. An ex – army officer decides to spread the Pay It Forward concept. Having watched all the 3 movies I must confess this is the worst of the lot. 

The problem with Jai Ho is that it neither caters to the Salman Khan fan base nor is it the different cinema that it promises to be. The film is quite a lesson on how to waste talented actors like Tabu, Mahesh Manjrekar etc.. Oh wait we also have certain Daisy Shah who was supposed to spice up the film with her glamour but even that does not work.

Just when you think that Bollywood has woken up to the sensibilities of new age cinema our directors come up with craps like this. Sohail Khan  – the director not that I consider him one serves a lesson on how to come up with a shoddy remake. 

 JAI HO – The worst of the remakes.

 PS: Watch Pay it Forward on DVD instead.

 My Rating – 1 star that too because Sallu Bhai is there in the film.