I must confess it’s a mad rush out there with the whole world being shrunk into one big word – MONEY. I have seen people who can just suck you up when it is a question of man over money. EMPATHY goes for a toss even as the HEART lies dormant.

Even yours truly wanted to be part of the rat race but a personal loss stopped me on my tracks and made me think twice. The life in question -MY DAD. For years I had always known him as “SOMEONE WHO CARES”. The tributes that poured – the numerous lives he had touched. He shaped careers, gave second chances and almost always gave more than he had received. He did have one large heart with overflowing kindness.

It gave me a valuable lesson  ” A life well lived is never determined by the amount of money you make but by the number of lives you touch. It’s never too late to make a start. Learn to give, share and brighten up a person’s life. Learn to pay it forward. You never know when it might all come back