t’s been quite a ride I must say. Having been in a cold war with the Almighty for the last couple of years the discovery was even more startling.  What else could I do he had taken away my only hero – My Dad and I didn’t get the answers I was looking for. It all seemed bleak.


I tried transforming into an atheist – a fragile one at that with no clear thought process. Even that was a complete failure. As days flew by –  a pattern emerged – a surprisingly familiar pattern – The farther I tried to distance myself from God the closer he got to me. And then I realized- It’s always good to have a LITTLE FAITH.

Faith can work wonders- simple childlike faith. The moment I surrendered myself to the ALMIGHTY – A welcome change happened. I began to find answers – A clear path was chartered out. I let go of the excess baggage.The past no longer mattered.  The scars began to heal. 

When God has plans… All u have to do watch him touch ur life in a wonderful way.. .  Now Even I have a story which begins with… MY FATHER DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I COULD… Dedicated to my only hero – MY DAD.. GOD BLESS EVERYONE..