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Why watch an offbeat film when you have different flavours of commercial films which entertain the audience for 2 and a half hours? Watching an offbeat film is like waking up from a deep slumber. Once in a while an offbeat film gives a fresh lease of life to the industry as a whole. It provides a whole new never before seen perspective. If it does strike a chord with the larger section of the audience it can bring about a social change.
So here goes my top 5.
A WEDNESDAY – There has never been a movie which so wonderfully captures the predicament of the common man. The protagonist of the movie is actually a villain in the eyes of the law. The end result is gratifying for a few fleeting moments until you leave the cinema hall. It also puts forth few important questions. Is violence morally right?  Do Gandhi’s principles still hold good today’s fast world? Both Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah are at their very best. The film haunts our conscience and makes us question our own moral duty towards the society. It also presents a very real picture of the lawmakers of our country who still hesitate when it comes to punishing the actual wrong doers. A very honest attempt from Neeraj Pandey.
VICKY DONOR – The reason why I included Vicky Donor in the list is because it deals with a social taboo. We as Indians are not as broad minded when it comes to speaking out with regards sex, adoption or sperm donation. It is actually a sin to speak out. What happens when your husband is a sperm donor? All hell breaks lose in Ayushmann Khurrana’s carefree life. The chemistry between Ayushmann  Though it all turns out well in the end. I loved the irony. The sperm donor isn’t able to have a child of his own naturally all because of a quirky twist of fate. Though it does seem like a breezy romance on the outside. It deals with a couple of important social issues Infertility and Sperm donation.  A royal salute to Shoojit Sircar.
STANLEY KA DABBA: We have all seen Taare Zameen Par – a film conceived by  Amol Gupte. Stanley Ka Dabba is one of his lesser known gems  How do you weave a story around a lunch box and a soul stirring one at that. The climax just leaves you shell shocked. I was so touched that I couldn’t sleep for a couple of days. Very rarely has someone touched child labour as deftly as Amol Gupte. That one scene just leaves you asking for more. All the kids in the movie are at their natural best. Partho Gupte, Amol Gupte and Divya Dutta just live their roles. After Taare Zameen Paar Amol gupte once again creates magic on screen with a kid as a protagonist. Child labour isn’t just morally wrong. It is unacceptable.
IQBAL: I fell in love with IQBAL the moment I heard the concept. There only very few films which showcase the difficulties of a differently abled person. Iqbal is one such film. Though we have seen triumph against all odds in numerous films n number of times Iqbal offers a different view point. It shows us how the society perceives a differently abled person. It also re-affirms the good old principle “WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY”. Never let fate pull you down search within. U might find the right answers. A worthy debut from Shreyas Talpade. Critics favourite Nasserudin Shah shines once again and one of many crowns in Nagesh Kukuoor’s impeccable C.V.
SWADES: Though it’s not of his box office successes it is SHAHRUKH’S best film till date. It takes a whole lot of conviction to star in a movie sans the usual commercial elements. Ashutosh Gowariker once again comes up with a story which shows the real India in more ways than once. The film gives us what we all need in tons- hope- hope for a social change. It also shows that one man’s thought process can influence the whole society. A down to earth film after the over the top Lagaan with some impressive and soul stirring music by our very own A.R Rahaman.
Here’s a poster and trailer link of  one such lovely attempt.

Miss_Lovely_India_Trailer from Future East on Vimeo.






  1. Liked the way you talked about off-beat films as 'waking up from a deep slumber.' But you inclusion of 'Stanley ka dabba' is quite surprising… this was one movie that was shabbily directed and had a hopelessly lost script.

    Arvind Passey

  2. @Arvind Passey: I included Stanley Ka Dabba because of the theme.. I loved it personally…

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