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I guess the title says it all.. I am one of the few who really hated the movie and I have my reasons too. Dhoom 3 neither entertains nor does it cater to the class audience and Vijay Krishna Acharya as with most of the Bollywood directors today rips off a couple of Hollywood movies and makes a mess of it.
The plot – A son out on a revenge for his father. Halfway through the movie we know there are two and not one. That particular twist is interesting but other than that it’s boring and slow.. so boring that I felt like walking off midway through the movie.
 AamirKhan makes for an interesting study. Though he tries the wooden face and the owl like scowl never seem to leave him. Even Talaash was far more gripping. I am not sure whether it’s botox or plastic surgery. His face muscles never bring in the required emotion. He lacks the charisma and the shrewdness that made Dhoom a popular franchise. Somehow Aamir seems like a misfit in a role carried off with ease by John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan.
Katrina Kaif – The only saving grace of the movie. She’s at her sensuous best in a couple of songs. Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra carry on in their routine Dhoom roles but even that seems repetitive. Jackie Shroff – a flawed father at best. 
Unlike the previous Dhoom movies where the songs were a riot here even the songs appear to be a rehashed effort. Vijay Krishna Acharya’s intent to make a movie with Aamir as the centre piece goes horribly wrong. Better luck next time. The movie is minting money alright but it fails to impress. Catch PRESTIGE on DVD instead.
My Rating: 1.5/5






  1. I don't wanna comment on how many times Papa Roshan saw X-Men movie DVD…. but I am sure you have never seen a single part of the series….seems like you borrowed this idea from someone….and that's why such a delayed post. In X-Men Charles Xavier, Dr. X is like a godfather for all good mutants….who believed that mutants and humans can coexist….which was never accepted by his friend….Magneto…Erik Lensherr….it was General Stryker who tries to create antedote….or newer mutants or test mutants…..created Wolverine….Also the cure was created by Worthington Labs using a mutant called Jimmy whose actual mutant power was that other mutants can't expose their powers in front of him….please do your homework before posting something….

  2. I never borrow… U know me… I have seen the whole x-men series… It was just a casual reference just indicating that there are similarities in characterisation… Read between the lines.. But point taken.. Next time i will be double careful…

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