Yeah.. You heard it right it’s Krrish and not Dhoom 3.. Don’t ask me why I am late. For me a film like this didn’t warrant a review but somehow I had to reluctantly sit through a ripped film. Looks like Papa Roshan decided to watch the DVD of X – Men over and over again. It raked in the moolah all right but that doesn’t mean it’s a good movie. Before I go into the actual review I have a few questions.
1. Why is there an obsession towards the 100 crore club. Are the audiences that dumb that they cannot see through a shameless copy.
2. What has happened to Hindi cinema of late ? Where has all the class gone. Out of numerous flicks barely
10-15 are watchable.
3. Copyright laws please.
4. Where have all the scriptwriters gone? There seems to be an absolute lack of creativity and ideas. If you need to make a movie all you need to do is to watch a hollywood DVD or remake an old hindi classic or worse still make a cheap sex comedy (GRANDMASTI).
Coming to the actual plot. Oh wait there is no plot here. The movie plays out like a borrowed comic material. There’s KAAL the villain ( Professor Charles Xavier ? ) ¬†spreading dangerous viruses only to develop an antidote for the same. I think you can fairly guess what happens at the end. Krrish saves the day. There are mutants galore and we have our version of MYSTIQUE named Kaya.
Hrithik Roshan and KanganaRanaut make this utterly mediocre fare barely watchable. Both lend the right earnestness to flawed characters. Priyanka Chopra – the less said the better.
The real flaw though lies with Rakesh Roshan who seems to have made it a habit to churn money out of borrowed scripts. Hopefully this is the last of such efforts.