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A shoelace might not seem like the greatest of gifts but for Pete it held a deeper meaning. It all started when he was just 4 on his first day of school. Those tiny hands had begun a clumsy fight with the laces. No matter how hard he tried those clumsy hands couldn’t tie those shoe strings together. Just when he was about to give up his HERO arrives – his DAD and ties the shoe strings for him. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of a lifelong relationship filled with unconditional love and affection

Years fly by… Pete in his 12th grade… His school premises… The shoelaces come off again. A familiar hand touches his shoes. Oh Dad please don’t. Despite the  crowd of onlookers the great man doesn’t flinch one bit. He just gives a knowing glance. A glance which spoke a thousand words “I AM DOING IT FOR MY SON”. It was so typical of Dad when Pete needed something he needn’t ask his dad just knew. A man who gave his all for his family.
He was really blessed to have a lovely home filled with people who knew the value of sticking together through thick and thin. It was always a competition at home with each one outdoing the other to show whose love was greater. But somehow his Dad held a special place for showing him that a strong a happy family can be built on the foundation of love alone.
For Pete those weren’t mere shoelaces they were Dad’s bond of love.






  1. There are some things in life that normal people just take for granted. . We never feel grateful for what we are blessed with. .

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