Yeah..I know the first question that comes to everybody’s mind.. Not another girl.. Anita who?  To me Anita is more of a curiosity, expectation and a hope. The last time I saw her was when India was warming up to globalization opening it’s doors to the outside world. 
I call her the girl with the LITTLE FINGERS.. each of her five fingers were smaller than the others and I mean real small. I was quiet studious kid until Anita came into the picture. I was so used to be being the class topper that seeing someone competing irked me. It was a heady competition for the top 4 slots Me, Anita, Nisha and Martina… Oh God I am the only boy in the elite list but that’s the way it was.
But Anita was different she was the one who showed me that I could compete despite the obvious differences. We fought, had arguments and still smiled at the end of the day. She was one of my very first friends. The one who gave me my first access to the feminine side. She was as different as the five fingers in her hand
The last time I saw her was at the SPARTAN school corridor during my 7th grade. I had bumped into her after a year gap. She was one of my many friends to part ways after the wonderful CARMEL days. We smiled and noded at each other. No words spoken but just memories. That was the parting shot. A moment etched it time.
2013… Social Networking is at it’s peak.. There’s FACEBOOK, TWITTER and numerous other social networking sites. I have found all my long lost friends except her. There’s a sayin HEARD melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter. I guess it’s true in her case. There’s just an inherent curiousity to know how the girl with little fingers had turned out.
For now the quest continues and that is FINDING ANITA