It’s Christmas again and it’s time to celebrate and a time to give. For a change I am going to do something different. I am going to visualize.. What would my future be like.. ?  How would it turn out for my offspring – the kid who is going to carry on my legacy? What if I was his/her Santa Clause? What gift would the kid expect from? How am I going to give the child a life with HAPPINESS, DELIGHT, a bit of FIRMNESS and a life filled with CELEBRATION?
Here are my 5 gifts for my CHILD.
LOVE: It might sound a little clinched but love conquers all. It is something I learnt from my Dad and I intend to pass it on. I never heard him say no. I always had his undivided attention and care. He was always there when I needed him showering his unconditional love upon me and I intend to do likewise. Love will teach him to empathize. Love will give him an assurance and wash away all his fears.  
LIVE: I have included this because how it feels to be part of a mad rat race. Let him/her live life on his own terms. Like the HDFC ad where grandchild falls only to rise up again. Let the child learn from the various fragments of his/her own life. Of course there will be hurdles along the way but will learn how to cross it on his own it at his own pace that way the kid won’t have any regrets when looking back at his/her life.
ART LIBRARY: In my terminology arts includes BOOKS, MUSIC and THEATRE. All three components comprise a world of it’s own. Let the child submerge and learn. It will enrich the kid’s vision. It will teach the kid to lend colour to his life. It will open the child’s eyes to the different cultures that exsist among the vast human race.
MARRIAGE: If ever the child decides to Marry and I hope he/she does. I intend to be there as a friend to him/her to help him make the right choice. I myself am a great believer in the in the institution of marriage. Marriage can make a make or break a person. I intend to be there to help my child separate the seed from the weed. I don’t want to interfere I just want to be an aid. Finding the right person can make life an eternal bliss.
GOOD HEALTH: The last but not the least is good health. When you have a fragile body all the above dreams go for a toss. To live a dream you need to be fit and in good shade. I intend to do what I can to help my kid grow into a healthy individual. The old saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH still holds true.
Oh wait I haven’t included anything monetary over here. Yes money has it’s own value but money is not the be all and end all. We earn to live and not the other way round. Like HDFC whose vision is to connect with the customer. I intend to connect with my child too and guarantee him/her a secure, safe and joyful future.

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