The holiday season kick starts with a bang. I had three choices Endrendrum Punnagai, Biriyani and Dhoom 3. Thankfully I opted for EP. It is I.Ahmed’s second film after Vamanan and he is right on the mark with this one. There are certain films where perfect casting can make a simple plot work. EP is one such film.
It’s a story which we all have seen before. A story of three friends whose friendship stands the test of time. Though the plotline seems familiar what works for the film is the genuine camaraderie between the three male leads. Jiva who plays the egoistic protagonist does a neat job. It’s a welcome break for Vinay who seemed to have faded into oblivion after a promising start in Unnale Unnale. Santhanam as always lightens the proceedings with his trademark one liners and counter punches
Trisha makes a mark in a regular eye candy role. Chinmayee’s voiceover helps. Andrea Jermaiah manages to turn on the heat as the seductive model. Surprisingly her own voice sounds a bit irritating. Nasser is mighty impressive as the dotting father. 
Harris Jeyaraj does what he does best- rehash his old tunes and churn out a hit number. Van Engum and Yeale Yeale manage to impress despite the familiarity of the tunes. Madhi’s cinematography makes the film visually appealing.
Ahmed takes a predictable storyline and makes it work with ample dosage of humour, pleasing visuals and a near perfect cast. The pace could have been better in the second half though
Endrendrum Punnagai – A breezy, feel good film to start your holidays.
My rating 3/5