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SUDHA…The name brings fond memories. I was in class 12 when a lovely angel joined my class. Time seemed to freeze as everything else came to a standstill. It seemed as if God had answered my prayers..  Right then I knew she was the one.. SUDHA – my guardian angel


From there begun a relentless pursuit of the impossible or should I say improbable. I was a nerd while she was the best among my female compatriots. A classic case of beauty and the beast. Will I be her Romeo or one of her numerous admirers who try in vain. Only time will tell. But I wasn’t going to give up without giving it a shot. But first I should make myself worthy of her.
It was Maths.. Oh God. Not again.. Numbers and me are like the cat and mouse. We don’t gel well. The class ended.. Another embarrassment. Suddenly I caught her looking at me. Was she laughing at me like my other mates.. Noo… it was a look of concern. A look filled with care. She walked up to me and asked ” RAHUL SHALL I HELP” as there was a hushed silence once and for all. 
It is often said love changes lives. It changed mine. I wasn’t the nerd anymore. A beautiful friendship blossomed, A friendship which eventually turned to unconditional love. To her it didn’t matter that the society looked at me differently. It didn’t matter that I limped. Love served as a bridge which broke all barriers even as my own life turned around. I became the face of all those who were DIFFERENTLY ABLED.
60 killer years on she is still the same. The grey hairs and the wrinkles hasn’t diminished the angelic glow in her face. SUDHA – MY WIFE – The woman who changed my life






  1. Sweet piece this…. and frankly when one has such loved ones around.. all seeming short comings get overcome 🙂

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