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In a way it served as redemption. It was a case which wasn’t supposed to be solved until Rohit took it up. The murders have been brutal and gory. To top it all the killer sent a CD of each and every one of his killings to the police department. It was an open challenge..? Catch me if you can ?

Every killing had a pattern – a connection. All the victims were from the same college. Was it remotely possible that a serial killer was running loose? If so what was the motive? Rohit didn’t want to come to conclusions until he had a tangible clue. An Evidence which would settle the case once and for all. But all he could find was a broken bottle of PERFUME in one of the murder spots.

Rohit didn’t want to give up. He dug deep. He made enquires in the college in question. All past records,the student files. Nobody was spared. The deeper he dug, the more shocking the revelations. Yet another case with a familiar back story.

Sudeep was just a normal guy from a village with huge aspirations to make it big. He wasn’t sure how the city would welcome him. He had dreams. But to their eyes he was a nerd, an IDIOT who didn’t know the way of the world. Ragging was a constant occurrence. He wasn’t spared on a single day. Eventually he submitted himself to them. He left his dreams behind running away from them.. Running away from his fears. This wasn’t the end though. The fear turned to hatred. He vowed to hit back. The tormented would become the tormenter.
What could have been..? Rohit pondered. Another life which had lost it’s way. Ragging had claimed yet another future.. The five victims.. SUDEEP… It could all have been avoided.