Thus far it’s been all about the fairer sex. I am not sure if it’s an accident or destiny that all the twists in my life involve a femalecompatriot. But i guess it’s time the guys in my life get their due. Whom should I start off with… ? The coveted first slot. Who is it going to be…?
Most lasting friendships begin at school because it’s mostly as kids that we accept each other despite our own shortcomings. He was one such friend. He knew I was a nerd. He knew I didn’t belong but still he was generous enough to hold my hand and walk with me. The name- Manivannan.
It all began way back in 6th grade when we were just kids. My very first day at SACRED HEART. Like most school kids I was scared to death of my first day at a new school. I sit alone not wanting to mingle with the rest of the lot. A boy stops by and enquires… What is ur name ?  A simple childlike enquiry which started off a life long friendship. 

We have had own share of misunderstandings along the way but despite that our bond has helped us grow closer to each other over the years. I can very proudly say that I had a part to play in his progress as he had mine. I am not sure what destiny has in store for either of us but I can say with confidence that this is one friendship which shall stand the test of time.